Areas of Practice:
Family Law

When Mom and Dad went to war the only prisoners they took were the children. - Pat Conroy

Family Law

family2Jason’s experience in family law started when he appointed to serve as an Assistant State Attorney with the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office Division of Child Support. Jason has been recognized for his work in family law by the prestigious South Florida Legal Guide and was named a Super Lawyer in 2015 by South Florida Super Lawyers.

Jason is also certified by the Florida Supreme Court to mediate family law cases statewide.
The firm proudly provides a wide range of family law services to the residents of Florida. The firm has helped hundreds of clients achieve their divorce and family law goals for more than ten years. The firm’s family law related practice areas include:


We work with Florida residents, out-of-state clients with children or a spouse in Florida.

Paternity and Child Support

We can work to calculate accurate income figures and other factors that determine child support amounts, to ensure fair child support amounts are determined and make sure that all relevant factors are taken into account when child support is considered.

Spousal Support

We work both with people who are concerned about paying too much support and people fighting to receive the full payment award they need and deserve.

Child Custody and Time Sharing (Visitation)

We can aggressively litigate these issues if necessary or can prepare you for state-mandated mediation, and help you pursue your custody and visitation goals.

Division of Marital Property

Including disputes involving retirement accounts, royalties, military pensions, homes, family businesses, premarital property, inheritances, and hidden and undisclosed assets whether they are maintained in the United States or abroad. We routinely work with lawyers from foreign countries in connection with domestic family matters that have an international issue.

Modifications and Enforcements

Including modifications of child support, alimony and timesharing resulting from a change in income, a change in the financial needs of the child, undisclosed assets, drug or alcohol abuse, and ineffective legal representation at the time of the initial judgment and other permanent and material changes in circumstances.

Domestic Violence and Abuse

Including both stopping violence and defending against unfair and inaccurate allegations of violence. Allegations of domestic violence are a very serious thing that require an experienced family lawyer. Whether you are a victim or are wrongfully accused of committing domestic violence we can help you.

Fathers’ Rights

Including issues relating to visitation, child custody, child support, time sharing, spousal support and the protection of assets.

Prenuptial Agreements

Protect your assets from the beginning, and save the possibly of a lengthy expensive process afterwards.

Annulment, Domestic Partnerships, Parental Relocation & Move-Aways,

Jason A. Setchen, P.A. is committed to working aggressively to achieve your family law goals at every step of the legal process whether your case requires heavy litigation or immediate settlement negotiation. We have helped hundreds of clients identify, pursue and prevail their full range of family law rights.