Areas of Practice

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Areas of Practice

practice2Our firm’s concentration is as diverse as the array of clients that we represent on a regular basis. Our primary focus hones in on matters concerning family law, personal injury, amateur sports representation (high school and college), commercial and corporate counsel, litigation, and juvenile criminal defense. However, we consider the firm to be a boutique litigation firm because we have worked on so many unique and challenging legal matters since the firm’s establishment in 1999.

The firm routinely handles matters concerning domestic litigation and family law whether the case is uncontested or proves to require protracted litigation. Prior cases include dissolution of marriage, child support establishment, enforcement and modification actions, paternity suits, custody and visitation disputes, dependency case advocacy, parental relocation actions and defense thereof, and juvenile criminal defense.

We also litigate a wide spectrum of negligence based personal injury matters involving everything from routine automobile and “slip and fall” accidents, boating mishaps, and dogbite cases to more complex wrongful death actions. If you or someone you know may have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, whether intentional or accidental, the injured party may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages. We zealously advocate for justice and compensation of injured parties.

Additionally, the firm focuses on corporate counsel and commercial business litigation. We also routinely engage in collections litigation and creditors protection. In today’s economic climate, it is critical for clients to attempt to insulate themselves from being weighed down with open accounts and expansive accounts receivable. The firm’s current and former clients include: Tiffany & Co., Don Bailey Flooring and Carpet, Moody National Companies, National Electrical Contractors Association (South Florida Chapter), Kwikscreen, Tri-Shield Capital, LLC, Travelers Insurance Company, The Canadian Department of Justice, Murray’s Auto Supply, Inc., Speed & Custom Warehouse, Strax, Inc., Miami Cardiovascular Prevention Institute, Miami-GSM, LLC., CWW-USA, LLC., Next Level Information Solutions, Vicaino, Gitlin & Zomerfeld, LLP., Dade Linen Supply Corporation, Hicks Industries, Incomtel, Rivaldi Fashions, XSTRA, DIA Profit Sharing Plan, Celltronics Ltd. (Singapore), and many other well recognized corporate organizations.