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About Us

Miami-City-PageThe firm handles a wide array of litigation matter and routinely associates with other reputable lawyers and law firms.

The firm is located in Miami, Florida but represents clients throughout the state of Florida – from Key West to Jacksonville – and internationally as well. Our offices are located in the center of Coconut Grove in the heart of Miami near Miami International Airport and is easily accessible from I-95, US 1, and Florida’s Turnpike.

The practice involves a wide and diverse assortment of litigation based matters in both the civil and criminal context. However, the firm tends to focus primarily in areas of trial work pertaining to family law, personal injury, commercial litigation and counseling, sports law, and criminal law.

It is always our pleasure to provide a consultation to a potential client and we will make every effort to accommodate those clients who have busy schedules and cannot consult during conventional business hours. If after your consultation we glean that our firm cannot service your specific needs, we routinely work in tandem with a network of law firms and we will be happy to provide you with names and numbers of those firms if we are not able to serve you.

At the the Law Offices of Jason A. Setchen, P.A., we believe in early intervention. The earlier that you speak with an attorney to answer your questions, the better a lawyer can assist you. This is true regardless of the type of matter that you may present.

Call our law office today, at (305) 856-4044.

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